autumn autumn leaves blur close up

A haiku or two

Continuing my attempts at poetic form, this is my effort at Haiku.

As haikus are very short, I have included two.

If you wish to read about the form please click on the link.

Autumn fires rage,
destroying all in their path,
a time to keep safe.
Red, gold, orange, brown,
the wind swoops up falling leaves,
covering me as they whirl.

Copyright © 2020 Lily Lawson

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5 thoughts on “A haiku or two

  1. Haiku is a great form, short and to the point. The poetry equivalent of very short flash fiction.

  2. I treasure autumn, and I appreciate what you’ve suggested in each haiku. The first has two meanings for me–actual fire, which rejuvenates woodlands (promotes new growth), and figurative fire (a time to appreciate the reds and oranges before they blow away for the year). The second poem is a delightful image–the playfulness of leaves. We must keep that youthfulness alive! Thank you for sharing your poetry!

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