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Tom entered Catriona’s cottage carefully the candle light from the pumpkins placed at intervals cast shadows across his path. The noises greeting him made him stop to check for traps. He could just make out Catriona’s shape in the rocking chair her cape covering her. On hearing Tom enter, her black cat jumped down from her lap and snaked round his legs making him jump. The cauldron in the corner it’s smoke rising in multi coloured flumes, made him wonder what she was up to. The smells that caught his nostrils were enticing. Catriona rose from her chair in greeting taking her broom and clearing a path for him to walk through the various objects littering the floor.

“Come and sit down” she invited him with her wand.

Tom waited at the table as Catriona disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a tray of soup and fresh baked bread. Tom had to admit the soup was delicious.

” I wanted to do something special for you”

” You are something else, I knew that the moment we met”

” That was one of my most successful spells”

” Whatever it was, it worked, I am hooked for life”

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