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Bonfire night

On 5th November we celebrate bonfire night or Guy Fawkes in the UK. I recognise that this may be unfamiliar to those who live in other countries and it is a little strange.


 Two years of planning Catesby done,
 To be betrayed by a Yorkshire son.
 By all accounts he put up a fight,
 when captured that November night.
 When Parliament opened up its doors,
 there would be fireworks under its floors.
 Johnson found with fuses guarding the wood,
 they knew straight off he was up to no good.
 Lord Monteagle had been given the word
 rumours of trouble had been heard;
 the plotters intended to murder the King,
 in order Protestant rule to bring.
 They wanted to kill his son and heir,
 put a child in charge under their care.
 By the end of November 5,
 all the royal family were still alive.
 1605 was the year,
 the gunpowder plot did occur.
 John Johnson’s real name was Guy Fawkes,
 the one of whom the country talks.
 When captured three of them were shot
 one died in prison. The rest of that lot?
 hung, drawn and cut in four
 apart from Guy, that was the score
 He intended their plan to wreck;
 when he jumped he broke his neck.
 He achieved notoriety;
 the one we burn in effigy
 Each November fifth, a celebration,
 of escape from that situation.
 Fireworks lighting up the sky,
 on a day named after a man called Guy.

 Copyright © 2020 Lily Lawson 

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  1. Our writing group, naturally, decided on a 5th Nov theme for our meeting tomorrow. I’ll send you my story Lily, you might like it given this post – it’s very short! (Think I have your email address)

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