There is a tendency to put people in a box, thinking everyone who suffers with depression is affected the same way. There are many variables, the person may be high functioning and it may not be apparent. I would say I am not alone in trying to keep it hidden most of the time, unless I feel safe, with people I trust.

I have read a lot of books in my life and some of them hold no memory. Yet some of them, years later, I can still recall some of the details, fragments or sometimes the whole premise. If you are an author, this is what you are aiming for, the hope your book will be […]

The murder of George Floyd had brought racism to the forefront of our minds and the forefront of the media. The headlines will fade in time, the petitions will stop, the protestors will look at their banners, their photos, and their videos as part of their history if they are not deleted or confined to […]

Imagine being able to be whoever you wanted to be. To be able to live many different lives and switch between them at will and if you get bored, you just add another one. To do whatever you want to do without any consequences at all. To say what you want to say to whoever […]

I have met a lot of people over the years in various ways and a variety of situations. Some of them I knew something about them straight away, the first conversation we had gave me some information and I knew enough to tell if I wanted anything more to do with them or not. In […]

For some people, like me, the changes that have come about due to recent events have had little impact. I live most of my life online or to some degree remotely. As an Open University student I study online; as my Dad’s carer I ‘work’ from home. I bank, shop and pay bills online. I […]

Love, I love you, love ya, lots of love, loads of love, love ya lots and so it goes on. There are many ways to say or maybe show that we love someone. Or it may be a thing , some words, a song, chocolate. It’s confusing and complicated and although we use the same […]