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I am thankful for picnics in fields, for walks by the river, for chips by the sea, for libraries full of books, for live music, for theatre shows, for ten pin bowling alleys, for swimming pools, Jacuzzis and saunas, for movies with popcorn, for dancing, for singing, for my education, for rides on trams, trains […]

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We want legends and heroes. We want to be known, to be recognised, to be remembered. The legends and heroes are in our midst, if we pay attention. We are known, we are recognised, we will be remembered, by those that matter. We may not achieve notoriety. We can make a difference every day, in […]

Silence. Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Silence. Husband, Wife, Partner, Child, Silence. Aunty, Uncle, Nephew, Niece, Silence. Gran, Grandad, Cousin, Friend, Silence. Grandchild, Godchild, Neighbour, Stranger, Silence. Close to home or a distant land, Silence. War is something I don’t understand, Silence. It’s no solution any way, Silence. The innocent are the ones that pay, Silence. […]