Falling into the deep dark pit,I reach for the safety ropeand it’s cut with a knife. Help is on it’s way they say,but I have heard it all beforeand no help came. My ability to climb is impairedby my countless wounds,more this time than before. The hope of full recoveryseems too remote a possibility.I can’t […]

We have so many colours,we have so many hues,the expression of some parts of us,maybe hidden from view. Some people see our rainbow,some people see only part,they may choose their viewing point,or we may move them on their way. I am painting my rainbow,there are those who hold the paint,each brush stroke adds dimension,the end […]

You won’t destroy me,you will hurt me,if Iet you,so I have to keep you out,away from me. I have to keep my barriers manned,patrolled, no chance of sleep,because you sense every weakness,you highlight it, and expose it,you thrill in making me look bad,and then you gather up support,till I am left to defend myself, alone. […]

I want you to bring me my favourite drinkserved up with my favourite meal.I want you to put on my favourite songand dance with me in the night air.I want us to sit in my favourite placeand go on my favourite walk.To come in the door at the end of the dayand know you will […]

In these in-between dayswith no official names,when there is a kind of pause.We cannot fully return to the normalness of every day,but the days of being consumedby celebration and traditionhave themselves taken holiday,I looked for a place to be. I wandered into your world,the one I visit by invitationa brief stay, then I leave.I knew […]

I will hold your hand in the darkness,I will sit with you in your pain,I will hug you in your sadness,never feel that you need to explain. I will be there when you need me,I will help you dry your tears,I will try to speak your language,and help to chase away your fears. I will […]

The mundanity and simplicityof syllabic formation,creating images to capture your world. Enchanted and captureddeep in the covers,intensity holding me hugging me tight. Resistance is futilepowerless to escape it,I need no persuasionto lure me back. I am a mere prisoneruntil I consume you,escape is impossibleeven when I am full. Image by Pexels from Pixabay Copyright © […]

My cloak of defencewraps around me,covering my sensitivity,protecting itfrom the knives and daggers thrust at me,by careless hands,as they threaten to exposemy raw flesh,leaving my wounds visibleto the naked eye,at risk of infectionfrom thoughtlessness. And yet,I let you see,not all, but more than most,I feel less need to shield myself,this place , this possible safety […]