My cloak of defencewraps around me,covering my sensitivity,protecting itfrom the knives and daggers thrust at me,by careless hands,as they threaten to exposemy raw flesh,leaving my wounds visibleto the naked eye,at risk of infectionfrom thoughtlessness. And yet,I let you see,not all, but more than most,I feel less need to shield myself,this place , this possible safety […]

Much as I bask in my solitude,I need a human voice, or words expressed in written form, with implication someone cares. I make attempt, communication is cut short, as other priorities are rightly given weight. It seems my calls for helpare not heeded, camouflaged as they are in the varied disguisesI adopt. I do not […]

History buried deep within me,scared of the excavation,I reseal the vaultwhen unable to continue. Some contents of my vaultmay cause me pain,constant reexaminationdulls the effect. Those remaining fragmentslie in increasing fragility,damaged by years of neglectI praise their near destruction. The treasures I wish to exhumeand cherish in my future years,the reason for my quest,becoming more […]

She devours books, hunger leading her to sample the full menu, as if starving from malnutrition. I eat, recommendations or recognisable ingredients, tempting me to expand my culinary horizons. She writes, as if her life would cease without it. Writing feeds me, deprivation resulting in a hollow shell. She channels energy into creating tasty treats, […]

Absence of visible woundsis not absence of pain,I think that knowledgemay be seeping through. We are healing ourselves,I see the tears you try to hide,my tears waiting to be shedI try hard to conceal. The pain of grief tortures youand I am powerless to helpand often consumed by mine.It still feels raw. We walk this […]

I need my words rippedand torn to shreds,to have each remarkexamined and questionedunder the very microscope,if time allows. To test myself againstwhatever standardsyou will set or use,to see if I can meet themor by some chance overcome,or try again. I want to evokesome feeling in you,that you maybehave no languageto express,yet you must try. I […]

I try to evoke a feelingwith the words I use,but what that feeling is is down to you.I cannot choose. When I read the words she writes,I know I can never aim that high,so high she fliesabove my head. But the giftthat she gives to mewith her poetry,is that I want to bethe best that […]