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Do Rock ‘N’ Roll Dreams Come True?

Karaoke night at the Stag got a good turnout.

“We’re up next” Kate gave the drinks out. Her enthusiasm was met with a chorus of protests

“I’m not doing it”

“Count me out”

“I can’t sing”

“You’re on your own”

“We’ve got this, it’s just a bit of fun”

Libby, Dee, Ivy and Jaye all caved in eventually. After that, there was no stopping them. Every Karaoke night there they were, casting off their weekday personas and rocking out. They felt free performing in front of strangers.

Libby and Dee started bringing their guitars, Jaye brought her saxophone and Ivy borrowed a drum kit from the Stag. Kate was out in front on lead vocals. They performed a range of covers while the crowd sang and danced along.

The manager approached them. “Would you like a one-off gig, you seem to have enough cover stuff for a set?”

“This was just a bit of fun. Do you think we’re good enough?”

“This lot seem to think so. If I thought you weren’t I wouldn’t have asked”

“What if no-one comes?”

“Trust me, they’ll come”

“What shall I call you?”

The friends looked at each other, “The Rockin’ Mama’s…..” Ivy suggested, amid smiles and nods.

“This is a proper gig we need to rehearse” Kate’s mind was whirring.

They set up in Ivy’s garage running through all the songs they had performed at The Stag. On the night nerves jangled and mingled with excitement. Walking on as the manager announced them was surreal.

At the end of the gig the manager came over

“I want you to meet Claire, She does a show on Heartbeat FM they get local singers and groups to play live. I thought you might be interested.”

Claire smiled at the friends shocked expressions “Soon everyone will know about The Rockin’ Mama’s”

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