word beginning a prayer
I do not pray,
not in the ritualistic way
that I was taught.

The religion in my life,
the ties that held me fast
have now been cut.

Yet when I hear that word
I think of God.

I am at sea,
what passes for my faith,
unlabelled as it is,
strange, uncharted course
without a map.

I won’t return
to who I used to be,
despite familiarity,
despite request,
it’s not the place for me.

I will hold fast,
to humanity,
to love,
that we share with one another,
that is part of me.

Selecting religious buffet,
pick and mix,
I make my choice.

I feel I am a humanist at heart.

Copyright © 2020 Lily Lawson


Photo by ATC Comm Photo on Pexels.com

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