person holding white and brown newspaper

Honest feedback always welcome

Please tell me that you hate it
I don't want you to lie
I need you to be honest
I promise I won't cry.
The only thing I'm asking
is that you tell me why.

Tell me the whole things rubbish
That it fills you with dread
Tell me it's the worst thing
that you have ever read
If that's the best that I can do
I should go back to bed

I want people to be honest
so please don't walk away
I know I'm a useless critic
but I want you to have your say
All that silence tells me
is my poem is not ok

I really want to learn here
but I need some help from you
I will never get better
if I don't know what to do
Sometimes to be honest
I haven't got a clue

Copyright © 2021 Lily Lawson

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