assorted tarot cards on table

It’s in the cards

“I am with you always.” the inscription on the locket from her grandmother filled her with a warm glow and brought a tear to her eye. She tied her scarf round her head and checked in the mirror. Madame Alithea smiled back.

The booth was busy with serious people alone or with a friend and groups daring each other to have a reading.

The coffee shop was empty when April arrived at the end of the day. Her smile grew wider with every blank space on the wall.

Rob, the café owner’s smile matched April’s.

“When are you bringing more paintings?”

“Tomorrow?” April stuttered.

“Yeah, that’s great, people love your art, maybe you can knock the Madame Alithea stuff on the head soon”

“I think that’s a long way off, if I get there at all”

Rob shook his head.

“I love being Madame Alithea Rob, using my grandmother’s cards I feel close to her.”

“I believe in you April Stevens, your grandmother did too, you are an artist, that’s your calling”

April looked up from her artwork aware of a customer approaching, her stomach knotted, her customers didn’t usually look like this. “Hi I’m Sonya Taylor” the business suited customer held out her card. “Sonya Taylor, Taylor’s Art Gallery.” The knot in April’s stomach tightened.

“Madame Alithea, how can I help?”

“I know who you are, you’re April Stevens, I bought one of your pieces from the cafe, the owner gave me your name and told me where to find you. I wondered if you would be interested in having an event at my gallery”

“Thank you so much, I would love to. Which piece did you buy?”

“It’s a house, it belonged to a woman I knew, a tarot reader like you”

Her grandmother’s house. April wrapped her hand round her locket “I am with you always” she knew her grandmother was still looking out for her.

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