Let’s talk about love

Love, I love you, love ya, lots of love, loads of love, love ya lots and so it goes on. There are many ways to say or maybe show that we love someone. Or it may be a thing , some words, a song, chocolate. It’s confusing and complicated and although we use the same word we do not mean the same thing, not really.

So do I love people? that’s an easy straightforward yesI do not love them the same though. I do not love any of them in the romantic, be my Valentine, sense.

Easy words come from my lips
they say I love you,and that is true
no matter what you say or do.

I know this love,is not a love
you build a life on,
but that’s not something
I thought I would do with you.

Because a love to build a life on is the romantic love, the hearts and flowers, the till death us do part kind of love with all the stuff that goes with it.

This above is about a different kind of love, an accepting someone for who they are, even the stuff you will never understand, it’s being in it for the long haul, it’s standing by each other and supporting each other. It’s not walking away when someone makes a mistake or it seems they have forgotten about you, it’s knowing when to chase after them and when to let them be (the really hard part).

There is a saying that if you love someone set them free. If I love you in any of the ways I possibly could it means I want you in my life, I care about you and I want what’s best for you, whatever that means for me, I place no conditions, and if you wander off for a while I will be here when you get back, it’s ok to get annoyed with me or tell me to go away as long as it isn’t permanent and we can sort it out if we need to. I know it will happen the other way round but if I love you in any way it’s a two way street or it wouldn’t work. If I able to say those words I feel safe and I trust you. In some cases I can’t say it because it makes the other person uncomfortable so we do a dance of words which for me means the same thing.

The romantic stuff – well that’s another thing altogether. Funny the rest is easier at least for me.

Keep the communication lines open because when it shuts down for long periods of time you are really in trouble and sometimes there is no way back. Be forgiving of the absences, and the silences, it probably doesn’t mean it’s over. We all need space and even if I love you I need space from you or trust me you won’t love me any more. I am human and so are you and that means we don’t always get it right. If we do most of the time is that not enough? I hope so, because me doing my best is all I’ve got. Look at the big picture before you walk away.

I am very lucky to have people I love in my life and have them love me back because in the end that’s what really matters.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Copyright © 2020 Lily Lawson

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