river among trees and bunch of stones

Park Trees

The trees reach out their arms,
stretching into the sky 
and out into the world.

or constant in their clothing.

silent, reliable,
ready, waiting.

Happy to have company,
a hug, a photograph,

Infant like fragility
or maturity of generations.

Each in their forever home,
unless fate's hand intervenes. 

Others not so lucky, 
will serve different needs of humans.

Their short lives sacrificed,
their parts recycled,
to meet other demands.

Quick replacement
to satisfy materialistic hunger.

Copyright © 2020 Lily Lawson 

Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “Park Trees

  1. Beautiful and sad. I love and respect the trees. Also, I love the photo you used for this post. I want to sit there. So pretty.

    1. Living in a Forest as I do, I really feel this one Lily. I know our forests need to be ‘managed’ (tho not actually 100% convinced) and that ours is one of those which has been planted to be used, and has been used (and abused) for centuries, but each time I see the logging machines doing their thing my heart breaks a little.

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