brown and white stallions running in a field


I keep “My Secrets” safe, he is a magnificent beast, 16 hands of black gorgeousness.

Why does a horse need a minder?

Well this particular horse is worth a cool £30 million, he has starred in movies and won the triple crown.

Stables are interesting places, all sorts of clandestine activities go on there. People think they are safe with only horses around. Being a minder means keeping your eyes and ears open. The stories I could tell …

Lady Olivia has her trysts in the stable, my boss is one of her persons of interest which is why “My Secrets” is stabled here. He was what you might call a love token. My movie producer boss is not the faithful type either. They kept their affairs separate, their rules stated they didn’t go after the same person. That all changed when Jill came along. They both got hooked and neither would give her up. Jill used their adoration to her advantage.

Lady Olivia showered her with gifts and set her up in a Penthouse apartment. My boss gave her roles in movies and took her on exotic holidays. Jill wanted more, she wanted their millions. She set up a company and got them to invest.Lady Olivia told me about the company after one of our encounters. I shared my distrust of Jill. Lady Olivia suggested that as they had similar tastes I might charm her into my confidence. Jill was happy to have fresh meat to play with.

Jill and I struck a deal: she disappeared in return for my silence. I moved into her apartment and into her place in my boss’s affections. A helicopter takes me to a secret location once a month where Jill spoils me on expenses.

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  1. Graffiti magazine has an annual competition, theme this year is Secrets and Lies… 1500 words max so you could expand this. Deadline end Aug – by post, so you have to allow snail mail time! I’ll send you the details if you’re interested

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