I get a little nostalgic at Christmastime. I suppose I am not alone in that. Christmas is such a magical season. It brings back bright and twinkling memories of people and places long gone. I miss my Father-in-law most at Christmastime. My father-in-law loved having Christmas morning with his granddaughter. We would travel to his […]

Love, I love you, love ya, lots of love, loads of love, love ya lots and so it goes on. There are many ways to say or maybe show that we love someone. Or it may be a thing , some words, a song, chocolate. It’s confusing and complicated and although we use the same […]

Absence of visible woundsis not absence of pain,I think that knowledgemay be seeping through. We are healing ourselves,I see the tears you try to hide,my tears waiting to be shedI try hard to conceal. The pain of grief tortures youand I am powerless to helpand often consumed by mine.It still feels raw. We walk this […]