vintage photo camera on table

The Photographer

“Smile please”

“Now this way put your arm here”

“Closer, closer”

“This way”

“Little ones in front”

“Get out of the way!”

“Please stop that!”

“I haven’t got all day”

“Forward a bit”

“Left, no the other left”

“My goodness, smile!”

“Whose is the dog?”

“Get the baby!”

“Someone, stop him!”


“Watch me”

“No, look at me”

“Over here”

“For goodness sake, over here!”

“Stand still!”

“Stop fidgeting!”


“Does your Mother know you do that?”

“I am not paid enough for this”

“Are you together?”

“Are you with anyone?”

“Who are you?”

“Yes, that’s it!”


“This will look good in the morning”

“Maybe that wine was too much”

“Get a chair!”

“Hold this”

“Let me”

“Do we have an umbrella?”


“Folks, this is front page stuff!”

“Are you sure?”


“No, no, no, no!”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

“Ok, calm down!”

“It’s only a photo!”

“Just the one!”

“Again, really again!”

“How many times?”

“Are you happy now?”

“Don’t step back”

“I did tell you”

“Don’t! I said don’t!”

“No fighting please!”

“Someone, do something”

“Um, um, um”

“Haha very funny”


“Next time”


“No, yes”


“Right. where were we?”

“Who are you with?”

“Is this your mother?”

“sorry, your wife”

“So, this is your husband?”

“sorry your wife”


“Smile please, look at the camera”


Copyright © 2021 Lily Lawson

Photo by Matteus Silva de Oliveira on

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  1. LOL. That ending. You made me chuckle all the way through. Thank you for brightening my day!!

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