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Two minutes silence

Jack shields his eyes from the sun hitting the white gravestones. When the Remembrance Day parade was cancelled, he had decided to spend the two minutes silence at his great grandfather’s grave. He could just make out a figure in the distance standing beside one of the graves. The grave the man stood at was next to his great grandfathers.

‘Hi who are you visiting?’

‘My great grandfather, I was named after him, I’m Jack by the way’

They stood awkwardly smiling briefly at each other.

‘Same here, well my names Tom but …’ Jack nods.

‘They were in the same regiment’

‘Maybe they knew each other’

‘I wanted to do something; I go to the parade usually.’

‘Me too. What time is it?’ they check their watches

‘It’s time’

After the two minutes silence, they smile briefly again and Tom prepares to walk away.

‘If they had met back then, like this, what do you think they would have done?’

Tom shrugs.

‘Shared a pint I guess’

‘Then how about we do that? raise a glass to them?’

‘I think they’d like that Jack’

‘You coming then? I’m buying’

Tom nods.

Their smiles are a little broader as they make their way out of the cemetery together.

Copyright © 2021 Lily Lawson

Photo by Jules Palmer on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Two minutes silence

  1. Sharing a pint. <3 Friends can be found in the most unexpected of times and ways. I like how this very short story leaves me imagining a deep and long-lasting friendship.

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