World mental health day

People who know me, know I struggle with anxiety and depression. I take it one day at a time, like most things.

Its trial and error working out what helps you. I have counselling over the years, and continue to educate myself as much as possible. I call myself the eternal student for a reason!

My love of learning has been part of my coping strategy, as well as writing (big surprise!). I find reading and music very helpful too. The other thing I love is interacting with others via social media, text, email, zoom, telephone and face to face.

There is a tendency to put people in a box, thinking everyone who suffers with depression is affected the same way. There are many variables, the person may be high functioning and it may not be apparent. I would say I am not alone in trying to keep it hidden most of the time, unless I feel safe, with people I trust.

However, I am aware we should talk about it. If we don’t we risk sufferers feeling unable to seek help and non-sufferers having difficulties in understanding the challenges we face. It affects relationships, employment, education, physical, mental and psychological wellbeing.

I realise that life is busy, that reaching out takes time and effort we may feel unable to spare. I do not like asking for help or being thought of as needing support any more than anyone else. The best relationships I have in my life are mutually supportive, being vulnerable is a two way street. I am very lucky to have those people in my life.

I want to say thank you to the lovely people who make me smile, in some cases they may not even be aware how much of a difference their kindness means to me.

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